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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese healing art. 

Rei-Ki, literally translated, means

“spiritually-guided life force

energy.”  The concept of healing

through touch has been known

and practiced for centuries across

many cultures.  Dr. Mikao Usui

developed the practice of Reiki in

early 20th century Japan, and is

known as the Founder of the Usui

method of Reiki.  Since the

transition of Reiki training from

Japan into the West by Dr. Usui’s

descended lineage, Reiki has been

passed on via the attunement

process to countless numbers of 

people worldwide.

Reiki is touch-based, but

spiritually sourced.  In this, it

differs from other modalities

such as Therapeutic Touch (TT)

and massage therapy.  Reiki is not

a medical procedure, neither is it

massage; it will not cure disease

or magically mend broken bones.

What it will do is provide

essential relaxation and stress

relief in a world where people are

under increasing pressure to do

more, perform better, live faster.

The stress of modern life itself

makes people susceptible to

illness; a Reiki treatment

provides an antidote to that, and

because it is spirit-based, it works

on body, mind and spirit.

In Canada, Reiki is not regulated. 

However, many Canadian

practitioners and teachers belong

to the Canadian Reiki

Association, a professional

organization which requires

members to adhere to a code of

ethics and maintain a high

standard of treatment and

training across the many styles of


Here at Willow Reiki, our aim is

to give you a secure, comfortable,

enjoyable treatment in beautiful,

peaceful surroundings.  Treat

yourself or a friend to a Reiki

session, and let the healing begin!

Reiki Treatment Meditation Breathing Space

2017 Schedule

Reiki Treatment:  there is no

set schedule for Reiki

treatments.  Just call or email

us at info@willowretreat.com 

to book a treatment.

Reiki Training:

Level I/II Weekends (Saturday

9 am – 5 pm, Sunday 10 am – 5

pm): $400 per person

July 22/23 August 26/27 September 16/17 October 21/22

Level III (ART) (Saturday 9 am

– 5 pm): $350 per person

August 19

Level IV (Master) Weekends

(Saturday 9 am – 5 pm, Sunday

10 am – 5 pm): $1250 per


June 24/25 September 23/24

25% Deposit required for

Reiki Training.

Prices are for Reiki training only; if you wish to stay the weekend with us, student accommodation rates apply: $65 for Tiny Cabin, or $40 for tent camping. This is a deep discount from our regular retreat rates. For all Willow Reiki fees, click here: To see our specialist Reiki services, click here:
Specialist Reiki


Meditation is, in essence, simply

the act of sitting in silence. 

However, the human mind is

constantly on the move, and if

you’ve ever tried to stop that

ceaseless chatter in your head,

you know how difficult it is to do.

At Willow Healing Space, we run

meditation instruction classes in a

peaceful, relaxing environment. 

Absolute beginners are welcome. 

Meditation Instruction

Introduction to Meditation: $10

per person, per 1 hour class. 

Register for a course of 10 classes

and receive a 20% discount.

2017 Class Schedule: Fridays, 7

pm – 8:30 pm: $10 a session.  First

class will be June 30, 2017.

Absolute beginners welcome.

Group Discount:  Register your

group of 6 or more for a course

(10 classes) and receive a 20%


Mom-to-Be Meditation: 

Meditation can reduce the pain

level and duration of labour. 

Learn breath control and vocal

toning from a trained Doula and

mother of twins in a peaceful,

relaxing environment.  $15 per

person, per 1 hour class.  Register

for a course of 10 classes and

receive a 20% discount.

Willow Reiki

Willow Reiki is part of Willow Healing Space, an off-grid retreat nestled in the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands.  Anne Cobham, RT-CRA, is a Reiki Master in the Usui/Tibetan tradition, and has been practicing Reiki since 2004.  Anne has been a Reiki Master since 2007, and a Registered Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association since 2008. At Willow Reiki, we give Reiki treatments at our peaceful, rural location. We also offer the full range of Reiki training and attunements in a class format.  Specialist Reiki, such as Mom & Baby Reiki, and Animal Reiki, is also available. Visits to Willow Healing Space are strictly by appointment only.  To register for a class or to book a treatment, just call or email us at info@willowretreat.com.
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