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Shelagh from Maine

“Willow Retreat seems a perfect microcosm of Cape Breton - people are incredibly welcoming and hospitable without putting on airs. It's like going for supper at Nana's house: guaranteed good food, great service, and homemade dessert to boot - it might not come out on fancy china, but it's all cooked from scratch, and you'll get other sorts of local flavor in the form of interesting tidbits, stories, and local lore. I love the remote location - the songs of birds and sounds of nature replaced any bustle from the day-to-day. The veggie and flower gardens and impeccably maintained campsites are visible testament to the work and care that Paul and Anne have put in to the property and into the food that ended up on my plate. I was wanting a simple, quiet retreat and I found it. To crawl out of my tent to hot breakfast and a hot, hot shower brings to mind the possibly contradictory phrase ‘luxury wilderness camping’.”               Shannon from Nova Scotia  “Life-changing.”              
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Dustin from Mabou

“When I first thought about taking a Reiki course I was plagued with self doubt. I didn’t think I would have what it takes to learn, let alone practice Reiki. This self doubt is what ultimately lead me to Anne and the start of my Reiki journey. I honestly don’t think I could have found a better teacher than Anne. I am so happy that I chose to explore Reiki. My life has been forever changed by the experience and if Reiki is something you’re looking to explore for yourself I believe Willow Healing Space is the best for you.”