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Animal Reiki

It has been said that animals are the greatest healers.  They are faithful companions, hard workers, and trusted friends.  They nurture and support us, and never fail to welcome us home with a wagging tail, soft purr, or gentle whicker of greeting.  The most important thing that animals give us, however, is unconditional love.  This is in short supply in the modern world, and sad to say, many animals are not given the love they deserve in return. Animals nourish our soul.  They supply the comfort and affection that is often missing from so many lives.  And yet, what do we give back to them?  Veterinary services are as critical to an animal’s welfare as our family doctor is to ours, but what of their spiritual and emotional wellness?  Yes, animals feel.  They almost certainly experience stress even more acutely than humans do, and yet they have no outlet or way of assuaging this stress.  Many so-called “problem” animals who tear up furniture, habitually mess on the carpet, or, worse, bite or scratch people, are simply acting out their stress.  Believe it or not, Reiki can help. There are folks who try to “debunk” Reiki by saying that it’s all in the mind, a placebo effect, and that Reiki works simply because a person believes (or has been duped into believing) that it works.  When Reiki works on animals, it neatly debunks the debunker.  Animals have no psychological agenda; they cannot be tricked into “faith healing” or any other form of psychosomatic treatment.  If a horse is sick, and receives a pill from the vet, it gets better.  No-one would question that.  If a horse is stressed to the max, and receives a Reiki treatment, it gets better.  The horse cannot “believe” in the Reiki it was given!  It gets better for one simple reason: Reiki works, whether you believe it or not. Animal Reiki is available for all animals, whether domestic pets such as dogs and cats, smaller pets such as rodents and rabbits, or larger animals such as horses, cows, goats … you name it, Reiki will help. * Note: Animals will not normally submit to a full static treatment session in the way that humans do.  The hour treatment consists of hands-on treatment as and when the animal will accept it, followed by distance treatment for the balance of the time.  Distance treatment is just as effective as hands-on. My article, “The Zen of Horses: the Gentle Art of Animal Reiki” appeared in the Spring 2012 edition of the Canadian Reiki Association newsletter.  You can find my article on Page 8.  cra_newsletter_spring12 Animal Reiki Fees Domestic Pets & Small Animals: $60.00 per 1 hour treatment session at your location*. Large Animals & Farm Animals: $90.00 per 1 hour treatment session at your location*. *Within a 50 km radius of Middle River, or up to 100 kms including Sydney, for a small extra charge.
Molly Mom & Baby Breathing Space

Mom & Baby Reiki

From the first news that they’re expecting, to the brand new Mom nursing her newborn, all mothers want to be well.  This is especially important during all stages of pregnancy, and does not diminish with the birth of Baby, particularly if Mom is breastfeeding.  Reiki treatment can be very beneficial to pregnant and nursing mothers and their babies, as it is a natural and non-invasive method of stress relief and relaxation.  Reiki can alleviate symptoms of post-partum depression and new mother anxiety, as well as assist with easing into breastfeeding.  Everyone knows that pregnancy, childbirth and coping with a new baby are stressful new life experiences, and regular Reiki treatments can provide critical “me-time” for Mom.  Infants are also very receptive to Reiki, and a treatment can provide relief to a colicky or restless baby.  “Reiki Sleep” is almost priceless in its health benefit for an exhausted Mom (and Dad, too!). Anne Cobham, RT-CRA is also a trained Doula and mother of twins, and understands the health and wellness issues surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and babycare.  Gift yourself or someone you know with a course of Reiki treatments, and experience the deep peace and lasting wellness that Reiki provides.  Mom & Baby Reiki Fees Expecting Mom: $90 (1 hour minimum) Mom only: standard rate $70 (1 hour minimum) Baby only: $50 (30 minute minimum) Mom & Baby: $120 (90 minutes) The Gift of Reiki: Mom & Baby gift certificate (10 sessions): $900 (a saving of $30 per session, $300 total savings!)

Willow Reiki Fees

In the Province of Nova Scotia, Reiki is not covered under MSI.  However, it may be claimable as an alternative therapy under certain private benefit plans. Check with your health insurance provider. Treatment Full Hands-on or Touchless Treatment Session (1 hour minimum): $70 Short Session (30 minutes to 45 minutes): $40 Distance Treatment: $50 Mom & Baby Reiki: $50 to $120 Animal Reiki: $60 to $90 Gift Certificates: Available singly, or in packages of 10 at a deep discount.  Call or email us at info@willowretreat.com for details. Training Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level I (Shuden) Full day class (8 hours): $200 Level II (Chuden) Full day class (8 hours): $250 Level I/II Weekend class (16 hour course over 2 days): $400 Level III or ART (Okuden) Full day class (8 hours): $350 Master-Teacher (Shihan) Weekend class (2 days x 8 hours = 16 hours total): $1250 All class materials are included in the course price, as well as a certificate upon successful completion.  Lunch, healthy snacks and water provided free of charge. Meditation Instruction Introduction to Meditation: $10 per person, per 1 hour class.  Register for a course of 10 classes and receive a 20% discount. Group Discount:  Register your group of 6 or more for a course (10 classes) and receive a 20% discount. Mom-to-Be Meditation:  Meditation can reduce the pain level and duration of labour.  Learn breath control and vocal toning from a trained Doula and mother of twins in a peaceful, relaxing environment.  $15 per person, per 1 hour class.  Register for a course of 10 classes and receive a 20% discount.

Specialist Reiki