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Early Bird Pricing ends August


Retreat Price:        $400 Early Bird: $350 $50 deposit required. If you have a skill to teach or wisdom to share, contact Anne at

Are you Pagan, Pagan-curious, or just a Seeker?

Pagan Pathways is a retreat for those who wish to learn more about,

or begin their journey of discovery of, what we call the Pagan Path.

This means a realization of the Divine in Nature, and a desire to

understand and learn more about how to get in touch with this latent

energy that exists in the natural world around us.

You do not have to identify as Pagan to take part in this retreat! Even

if you consider yourself “a Seeker” but don’t yet know exactly where

your search will lead, you are very welcome! We will be exploring

the natural world in the beautiful surroundings of our home deep in

the Middle River Valley. We are bordered by Wilderness Protected

Land and have many acres of unspoilt forest available to us for

wandering and learning.

Pagan Pathways will introduce you to the elements of ritual: Earth,

Air, Fire and Water. We will give you a grounding in the basics of

Craft (as it pertains to Magic Craft at “Novice” level) and the

principles of Nature Religions.  The retreat will be an overall,

beginner-level primer on pagan principles and practice as rooted in

the natural world. We are non-denominational! Whether your

background is Wiccan, or Druid, or Asatru, or whether you simply

consider yourself a Hedge Witch, or have no idea what you are or

even what you want to be - you are welcome to learn along with us!

We are excited to offer this retreat. We know you’re going to love it.

Join us for a magical few days at our beautiful, enchanted


*Pagan Pathways is a camping event. Pitch your tent in our gorgeous, magical woodlands. Hot showers and real flush toilets are close by!
Moonrise over Willow Healing Space Gardens at Willow Healing Space Morning Glories

Moonrise over the Mountain

The Pond in Summer