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Early Bird Pricing ends August


Retreat Price:        $500 Early Bird:            $450 $50 deposit required.

Have you ever wanted to live off grid? Have you wondered whether

it would even be possible for you? Well, here’s your chance.

At our homestead on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, we are

completely off the grid. These days, many people are interested in

becoming self-sufficient, but it can be a risky venture if you know

nothing about it. Before you jump into the sometimes confusing

world of homesteading, permaculture and off grid living, come and

learn from folks who are already doing it.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have no electricity bill? To

generate your own power, and not be subject to the whims of a

large corporation for your most essential needs? Well, now you can

learn how to live off grid. Come out to our beautiful log-built

homestead deep in the Middle River Valley, where we live miles

from the closest power line. Learn about the different ways that

electricity can be generated from free, natural, renewable sources.

Learn about the off grid lifestyle, and the many do’s and don’ts that

we’ve learned ourselves during our six years living off the grid.

We will discuss the various methods of power generation, including

micro hydro and solar. We will talk about the variables you need to

consider, whether you’re planning a new build or retrofitting your

existing home. We’ll talk about sustainability in the off grid lifestyle,

focusing on the basic essentials such as shelter, heat, water and

power. We will also discuss methods of moving towards self-

sufficiency, including subjects like food security, organic gardening,

systems redundancy, long-term planning, and more.

Come and join us for a fun few days of learning and sharing. We

would love to see you, and help you to learn to live off grid!

Moonrise over Willow Healing Space Gardens at Willow Healing Space Morning Glories
¨ Shelter ¨ Power ¨ Water ¨ Food ¨ Medicine ¨ Community ¨ Organic Gardening ¨ Permaculture ¨ … and more!