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Early Bird Pricing ends Aug 31

Retreat Price:        $250 Early Bird:            $200 $50 deposit required.
Moonrise over Willow Healing Space Gardens at Willow Healing Space Morning Glories
Are you a writer? Whether you’ve published several novels, or just have a file of scribbled notes stuffed in the back of a drawer - if you’ve produced some original work, guess what - you’re a writer! And as every writer knows, we tend to work alone. But even in this most solitary of pursuits, we do occasionally need to get away from our everyday surroundings, visit new places, and meet new people. The Cabot Trail Writers Retreat is designed to provide writers with a peaceful, quiet space in which to write, but also to offer workshops that will stimulate the creative process. At the Cabot Trail Writer’s Retreat, you will have plenty of private, secluded areas in which to sit down undisturbed and get some writing done. There will also be workshops for those who wish to attend. A published author herself, Anne Cobham will be hosting various workshops on the writing process. Come out and join us for a weekend in the beautiful Cape Breton Highlands, and let’s work on some short stories, poetry, and even make a start on that novel!